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#2 Burn Bundle

I just wanted to thank you for joining the journey, so I created  the #2 Burn Bundle!

I hope you enjoy it! <3

This is a little something, just to let you know that your support does not go unnoticed. I am truly thankful for every kind word, every stream, every interaction with what I create, every share and I'm beyond happy that you are enjoying the words and melodies I create in my bedroom. It takes a lot of time and a part of my heart as well, to pour it out like that and offer it to the world. You are the reason I'm still doing this. The reason I keep going. 

First, I'm sending you #2 Burn - MP3, WAV and instrumental version (WAV format).

Second, I prepared a booklett with lyrics and chords, which is exclusively available to you.

Third, I added a (pretty old) song, straight from my phone, that has never been produced but it's very dear to me. Whenever I get an idea, I record it on my phone, just to remember it. I thought you might find it interesting. :)

I hope you enjoy these small tokens of appreciation!

Sending hugs!

Yours, Marissa.

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